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Step 1 – Mix 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil with 6 tablespoons of cottage cheese/quark (maximum 2% fat content). If the fat content is too high, the oil will not mix, so the muesli will not have enough oxygen to carry to the cells. Do not stir by hand. Use a blender or a hand-held electric mixer for 1 minute at slow speed. The muesli should have the consistency of whipped cream, with no excess oil. Do not add anything else, until it´s of a creamy consistency. IMPORTANT! Please be advised that step 2 (adding the flaxseeds) is not applicable to patients with Cancer of the colon, rectum and especially patients who have had a colostomy.

Step 2 – Separately, in a coffee grinder, grind 2 tablespoons of whole flaxseeds and add to the mix made in step 1. This muesli turns rancid after 20 minutes, so it must be ingested immediately. Do not grind or store seeds in advance of using.

Optional – To sweeten the muesli you may add 1 teaspoon of honey (raw, un-pasteurised honey is best, containing all of its healthy enzymes), blended pieces of fruit. However if you prefer other flavours, add lemon, parsley or garlic. If you prefer a runnier consistency, add goats' milk, oat milk, almond milk, or organic rice milk. You could also add dried fruits, such as ground hempseeds, ground almonds, ground sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, and pumpkin seeds (do not use peanuts). For a change, why not try adding vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice, raw cocoa or grated coconut. Some prefer a touch of cayenne pepper … be creative!

Enclosed is a link to Dr. Budwig's Protocol
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