Synergy Systems Cold Corona Ozone Generator
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Synergy Systems Cold Corona Ozone Generator Summary

Synergy Systems Cold Corona Ozone Generator

This is for a NEW in the box Ozone generator with Lifetime factory warranty from manufacturer.

 Retails $599 new

Synergy WPS-100 Single chamber Ozone Generator. Ozone water purification 

Comes with,power cord,input hose, output silicon hose and a stone aerator.

The case could be silver or black.

This unit is 110/120 volt a/C USA current if you use any other current /voltage you will damage the unit and void the warranty.

If you have 220v etc you MUST have a proper adapter like a 110 to 220v adapter with at least 500 watts output, or more.  

If you plug into wrong voltage you WILL damage the unit!

The WPS-100 Ozone Generator is an ideal source for creating ozone for use with ozone therapy. Potential uses of ozone therapy include drinking ozonated water, in combination with steam or far infrared and more. The WPS-100 includes one ozone chamber that can be used (for higher levels of isotopes such as O8, O12, O13, etc). It has its own on/off switch and regulator. The WPS-100 Ozone Generator is fed by an oxygen source, either an oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator (sold separately). The unit takes the oxygen coming in and transforms it from two molecules of oxygen to three molecules (O3). Since ozone is very unstable, after about a half hour after it is made, the ozone molecules break up again into one stable oxygen unit and one singlet oxygen molecule. It is this singlet molecule that does the work in ozone therapy. The WPS-100 Ozonator has a unique quartz glass cold corona tube that does not come in contact with metal and will not generate a significant amount of heat. It comes standard with ozone resistant silicon outlet hoses. It is ideal for most dental, hospital, laboratory, veterinary or home clinic application that requires dependable and stable ozone production and is built to last for years without any maintenance. The WPS-100 Ozone Generator is superior in quality, performance, reliability, and workmanship to all others on the market. The front control panel includes a variable control selector switch for the single chamber that allows for an unlimited number of output settings. There are one inlet and one outlet hose barb fittings which will take a 3/16" silicone hose. 


Features of the WPS-100 Ozone Generator: 


• Cold Corona Ozone Discharge - a low voltage, cold process. No cooling fan is required. Unit has no moving parts. Generator is affordable, compact, portable and very easy to operate. 

• Each chamber has its own regulator and on/off switch to adjust ozone levels (ozone levels are also adjusted by changing oxygen flow) 

• Built for continuous, efficient and silent operation in harsh environments. 

• Dual phase electrical short circuit protection.

• Spark is created in a glass tube inside a Medical grade steel chamber. 

• Of course no plastic part are used with this unit. 

Comes complete with power cord, and silicon hose.

• Five year warranty on unit, lifetime warranty on the reactor chamber.


Legal Disclaimer: Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every individual is unique, we highly recommend you consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of ozone products in your particular situation.

110/120Volt if for any country that does not use 110/120v AC you MUST use an adapter   If you connect to any other voltage you will damage the unit and void the warranty

Synergy systems
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